brown longhaired maine coon cat laying next to grey and white tabby, happy international cat day

Happy International Cat Day!

Apparently, it’s International Cat Day, which I hope excuses my irregular posting as of late. I have no idea what’s been going on besides me just being stressed, but I full on skipped a post last week. Here’s to hoping I can get back on track!

brown longhaired maine coon cat laying next to grey and white tabby, happy international cat day

That said, I kind of struggled with how I should structure my post today- I have been feeling a ton of pressure to write clickable “listicle” type posts lately, and I dunno, I just don’t really feel like doing that with this one. I figured instead, I would tell you all how I came to be a proud (crazy) cat mom (cat lady), so those of you who might not know me well could get to know me a little better. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, you can go ahead and stick a pin in it and tune back in for my post on Saturday (if I’m on track with that)!

Now, who’s ready for some cat pics! Let’s start with my oldest 😉


Oh, Nana. I could wax poetic about my elegant little feline queen- for hours. But something tells me that no one wants that, so I’ll just skip ahead to how she came into my life.

white and grey tabby cat standing near blue litter box
Banana’s first day, being a literal queen

I was a sophomore in college and had just moved off campus into my first apartment. I was 19, but was extremely insistent on getting a pet first thing, since my parents had been really strict and I’d never had an indoor pet growing up. It probably wasn’t smart of me, but my grandmother (who is a literal angel on earth) agreed to take me to an animal shelter just to look at some of the cats there. I wasn’t even old enough to sign the paperwork by myself! Technically, four years later, she’s still my grandma’s cat.

My grandma had initially wanted a senior cat for me (which is ironic considering Banana is a “senior cat” now), but at the time, she was around four. I was playing with a kitten I really liked, and an older, grouchy male cat that I was weirdly obsessed with. I’m not sure if I just wanted to be like Hermione and have a Crookshanks, but either way I had arranged to see them both. The way it worked was you were able to see 3 cats per visit, and you had to write them in order on a piece of paper, first come, first serve. I wrote the kitten first, followed by the older male- but then my grandma saw Banana in a cage out of the corner of her eye. My grandmother is not a pet person, so I couldn’t believe how long and hard she stared at this cat.

“She’s the most beautiful cat I have ever seen”, she said, and then a little more firmly. “I like this one. You should write her down”. Well, it’s funny how things like that work, because another family wrote her name down after us, and it turned out that the kitten had been adopted shortly before my visit, so if neither of those things had happened in the right order, she wouldn’t be pushing my feet off the couch to get more room to sprawl out as we speak! As it turns out, she’d only been in the shelter for 24 hours, and it was apparently an adoption record.

She’s a sweet, mild mannered girl (well except for mealtime, but like, same, girl) who just celebrated her 8th birthday in May. I feel so lucky to have her quiet energy as a constant reassurance whenever I’m stressed or upset. And snuggles. Snuggles on snuggles.

white and grey tabby cat with blond girl in red shirt on brown couchgirl in blue shirt on couch with white and grey tabby catwhite and grey tabby cat on windowsill


Before you ask, they came with those names (lol). Now, about two years after Banana came into my life, Chino barreled into it as well, with all her puppy-like, sort of manic energy. Literally, she came in like a wrecking ball.

brown maine coon cat being carried by red headed girl
My first Chino hug& smooch (it all went downhill from here)

It’s funny, actually, because I’m not sure how old she is exactly. She was a few months when we got her around my birthday, and we just use that as her birthday, so she could be 3 in October. Either way, she was a fluffy little peanut.

brown longhaired maine coone kitten wearing a pink flower dress
Yes, we tried it. Her facial expression told us never to try it again.

My roommate at the time had really wanted a kitten, but after like a week of her frenetic energy, not wanting to stand still for cute selfies, or be carried around like a ragdoll, my roommate decided she “didn’t want her”. (I know, I couldn’t believe it either). Mike likes to say though that from the moment she entered the house, Chino gravitated towards me and I her. So, she kind of fell into our little family as a default when I decided we weren’t going to toss her out just because she wasn’t a good enough prop for social media (not to mention I had been feeding her anyways).

Since then, she’s grown a lot fatter but not much bigger. It’s the strangest thing- she looks like a Maine Coon mix with short little munchkin legs. She has weird habits that remind me of a dog, and will lay in weird corners of the room on the floor, or with her back pressed against you, but does not like being touched, especially by strangers. She even growls if someone’s at the door!

brown longhaired maine coone cat laying on its back on brown carpetlonghaired brown maine coone cat laying on brown couchlonghaired brown maine coon cat being hugged by dark haired manbrown longhaired maine coon cat laying with blond girl on brown couchbrown long haired maine coon kitten being held by red headed girl in blue shirt

Even though she eats my shoelaces (as in, she does not simply chew them. She full on consumes them) and hairties, dress straps, etc., and requires constant bathing and grooming, I could not love her more.

Sometimes, Mike and I jokingly ask ourselves how we became cat people, especially if we see a cute puppy that needs a home. But I think at the end of the day, we are just so happy to have created this perfect little family unit- which would not exist without our girls!

To make a VERY long story short, I became a cat owner twice, once on purpose and once by accident (sorta), and their opposite personalities balance out my world!

What pets do you guys have?

Keep it real,

-Maggie <3

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