laptop, work hard anywhere, what I've learned from a year of full time work
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What I’ve Learned From A Year Of Full-Time Work

Hey, everyone. This is gonna be a short one. I just wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on my one year work anniversary. This one is significant since it also marks the first full year of full-time work in my career field.

laptop, work hard anywhere, what I've learned from a year of full time work

I’ve mentioned before that since my junior year of college, I have always held some sort of job relating to public relations, communications or marketing. But it was a part-time gig I held working the music festival, and it didn’t approach full-time hours until a month or two prior to the festival. I used to feel insecure about the term “part-time” work, but I’m truly grateful for it now since it helped ramp me up for the scope of a full-time job.

But hey, enough about my part-time hustles. I mean, is the title “What I’ve Learned From A Year Of Part-Time Work”? (Apparently, I didn’t learn how to shorten my post titles, but you can’t have everything, can you).

I’m not writing another listicle today, no catchy phrasings or tips from me. I just want to ramble on for a bit, and I hope that’s okay. So, without further ado, here we go with all my knowledge:

It doesn’t matter if everyone likes you.

I suffer from pretty extreme social anxiety, which is not something I usually like to talk about, especially to people I don’t know. I’m slowly learning to become more comfortable with the playing field of a work environment, chopping away at the thick layers of imposter syndrome that used to dog every step I took. I find myself second-guessing myself less and less, comparing myself to others less, and not caring how others perceive me- as much as someone living in such a critical world can. It’s not perfect, but it’s progress.

Hard work shines through.

I’ve always thought I tried my best at any job, no matter how hard I thought the input needed to be to get the output I wanted since I know the outcomes are worth it. But what I was striving for before seems so small in the face of the good things that have happened when I tried my best this year. In English: I tried really hard, my effort was reflected in the quality of my work, and I was subsequently rewarded for that.

Being a team player is about more than being a “yes-woman”.

Part of working hard is the ability to work well with others. But that shouldn’t mean that you bend over backward for other people, promise things you can’t deliver, or agree just for the sake of being agreeable. People respect you more if you help when you can, shoulder your own responsibilities, and have a mind of your own- how else would marketers innovate, if everyone just had the same ideas as everyone else?

Money doesn’t go as far as you think.

That full-time salary, though. It’s a cruel joke that the more you make, the more obligations you have… except it’s not really that funny. The interesting thing about getting a raise and then summarily moving to the city is that even when you think you have money, you don’t. Rent goes up, insurance goes up- and then maybe you realize you live near a Trader Joe’s and then your grocery budget is blown out of the water.

No, really. 

I have nothing to add, I just thought the subhead was funny. Also, I’m poor and I thought that was worth complaining about twice (who’s with me).

It’s important not to let work become your life. 

I’ve been telling coworkers recently that the new loveseat I ordered is too small to comfortably sit on, which I did on purpose to encourage myself to get up and get out there. That’s actually true. One thing I’ve learned about myself recently is that, while I am more content than ever before, I don’t have a lot of hobbies. And staying indoors is okay if that’s your thing, but not if you’re missing out on a slice of life that you’re not going to get back. You’re only this young once, and I’m glad I have the blog to keep up with because it’s pushed me to realize a lot of these self-truths. I’m glad I’m going out of my way to experience different foods, sights, and sounds. I’m living a life that feels big and boundless, and sometimes scary- but full of so many sparkling possibilities.

I’m ready for another great year.

Keep it real,

-Maggie <3


  • Ashley

    Thank you for this post! I’m about to start full-time work next year so I’ve been wondering about what to expect. And I think the advice on not letting work become your life is especially important!

    • Cup of Maggie

      Absolutely- there’s so much pressure to compete, especially in a corporate environment! It’s okay to have a strong work ethic, but don’t overdo it 🙂 good luck out there 💜

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