• quick and easy christmas cookie recipe

    Quick & Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe

    Hey, everyone! A day late, but I spent all day yesterday running around doing last-minute Christmas things, and today I had a photoshoot with a friend for family holiday cards, so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind.  I wanted to share with you guys my grandma’s basic Christmas cookie recipe. Cookies make great gifts for all the people on your list- they’re simple to make, easily customizable, and look really pretty in an inexpensive tin from Michael’s. The bonus? They bake in just 6-8 minutes, so just spend like an hour or two on these, and you’re golden (see what I did there). Here’s the recipe: Quick & Easy…

  • I Broke My Streak On MyFitnessPal
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    I Broke My Streak On MyFitnessPal

    This post isn’t actually on my editorial calendar for the month (don’t hold me to it, but this may be a 3 post week)!  I’m writing because a few days ago, I accidentally broke my 290-day streak of logging meals on MyFitnessPal. Initially, I was disappointed to come so close to the year mark- I even had a post in mind for when I crossed the 360 day threshold. In the time that’s transpired since, I’ve wrestled with whether or not I was going to address it, if it was even that big of a deal, and almost without meaning to, here I am.  I want to write this post…

  • How to stay sane during the holidays
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    How To Stay Sane During The Holidays

    Although the holiday season certainly is a joyous time of year, filled with friends and family, it’s also widely considered to be easily one of the most stressful periods.  Whether it’s financial woes, family drama, or workplace stress that has you down, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your mental health at the forefront this holiday season. That may look different person to person, but there are a few key things to keep in mind.  Gifts don’t matter if you aren’t present.  I love this one. Too often, we’re concerned with showing our affection in materialistic ways, afraid of upsetting someone in even the most obscure of degrees.  So,…

  • 10 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25
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    10 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

    *Note: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the companies linked to below, just a list of my personal top picks 🙂 Hey! Long time no see- I wish I could say that I’ve been sick, or especially busy (although the holiday season is always hectic, both in terms of my work life and personal life). After a weekend spent NOT writing or scheduling posts, and instead watching every BBC Jane Austen adaptation, it’s time to get back on track.  Some work friends and I have been organizing a company-wide Secret Santa, and the names of everyone participating are going to be locked in as of…