10 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25
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10 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

*Note: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the companies linked to below, just a list of my personal top picks 🙂

Hey! Long time no see- I wish I could say that I’ve been sick, or especially busy (although the holiday season is always hectic, both in terms of my work life and personal life). After a weekend spent NOT writing or scheduling posts, and instead watching every BBC Jane Austen adaptation, it’s time to get back on track. 

Some work friends and I have been organizing a company-wide Secret Santa, and the names of everyone participating are going to be locked in as of tonight. So, my mind is starting to turn to the excitement of who I might get, and what I might get them. 

10 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

That said, the holidays can strain even the most budget-conscious amongst us all. And not for nothing, but chances are you’re going to want to minimize your spending on your coworkers and brief acquaintances in favor of saving the bulk of your money on family and close friends. 

Never fear, Thrifty Maggie is here! I compiled a list of my top 10 gift items for all your gift exchanging needs, none of which will break the bank. 

1. For the coffee drinker

If your body is 89% espresso, raise your hands! Working in an office, we all know at least one person who is coffee-obsessed. Luckily, there are any number of cheap gifts floating around that a true caffeine aficionado can’t help but appreciate. Mugs, specialty, roasts, and this portable pour-over kit I found on Uncommon Goods for just $15! Take that, Keurig (kidding, here’s hoping Mike gets me that Keurig for Christmas this year!)

vietnamese coffee portable pour overs

Image credit via Uncommon Goods/Copper Cow Coffee

2. For the office jokester

Whether you’ve got a Jim or a Dwight on your list this year, you know that in order to make in impact, you’ve got to earn some laughs. I always like to think of office gag gifts as the most sophisticated, nuanced gift exchange there is: you want to make it workplace appropriate, but not boring. Funny, but not too weird that they won’t get it (especially if you’re not super close). Honestly, the sky’s the limit, why not get them a funny $3 printout (bonus if they’re an Office fan), and save money by framing it yourself?

dwight printout office desk humor

Image credit via Etsy

3. For the resident dog person

This one’s easy. Getting a pet lover something for their furchild is a sure way to win Secret Santa, and make a new 4-legged friend, too! Bonus: if you go for something adorably funny like this $23 “pawdicure” set, you’ll forever be the most unique pet gift-giver. 

Image credit via Warren London

4. For the office gastronomist

For the coworker with the discerning palate, it might be hard to figure out a sophisticated food-related gift that won’t blow your budget out of the water. Remember to think small, and go for accents, seasonings, and specialty utensils over whole meal items, like this $24 cocktail jam sampler, again from Uncommon Goods. 

Image credit via Uncommon Goods

5. For that one person who’s always cold

Enough said- I got this $25 blanket from TJ Maxx for a family member last year, and they loved it! 

Image credit via TJ Maxx

6. For the bookworm

I know plenty of coworkers who are bibliophiles just like me. Personally, I find book lovers the easiest to shop for- stuff like this $18 candle that smells like “aged paper” and “dusty shelves” are everywhere just ready to bring on all the feels! (they also have candles like “Oxford Library”, and “Sherlock’s Study”)

book lovers candle

Image credit via Etsy

7. For the one that’s always snacking

Guilty as charged- I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t eat every hour. But you don’t have to go out and buy junk food for a coworker- Amazon has healthy snack bundle options for about $19 that will satisfy any craving. 

amazon healthy snack pack

Image credit via Amazon

8. For the adventurer

For all you jetsetting royalty out there, your Secret Santa has arrived. Affordable gifts like this $24.95 collapsible Nomader water bottle will satisfy any coworker with a passion for adventuring. Plus, it’s BPA free!

Nomader collapsible water bottle

Image credit via Amazon

9. For the one that’s got 128374 pictures of themselves at Coachella on their desk

LOL- I don’t actually know anyone like this at my work specifically, but I know plenty of people in acquaintance with the boho-chic concertgoer, and for them I simply say… maybe a 25$ gift card to Urban Outfitters is the most painless way to go 😉 

10. For the person you don’t know all that well, but would actually like to

What if… *gasps internally*…. you get someone for Secret Santa that you don’t know all that well? Well, buckle up- getting a gift for someone you know well is okay, but the whole point of an office Secret Santa is to branch out a little more. Stick to crowdpleaser gifts like this cute $20 cactus desk organizer: your office acquaintance is sure to love the gift, and who knows? You may gain another coffee run buddy!

Saguaro desk organizer Modcloth

Image credit via Modcloth

 It’s safe to say that all these affordable gifts are getting me pumped up for Secret Santa this year!

Send me your top picks for gift ideas- I could use the help when it comes to shopping for family as well 🙂

Keep it real,

Maggie <3


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