10 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

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*Note: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the companies linked to below, just a list of my personal top picks 🙂 Hey! Long time no see- I wish I could say that I’ve been sick, or especially busy (although the holiday season is always hectic, both in terms of my […]

December 5, 2018

10 Things Marketing Teaches You About Life

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I kind of fell into marketing by accident. As a kid, I was always fascinated with art in general: music, poetry, dance, theatre, sculpture, all of it spoke strongly to a kid that was hyper-sensitive to the feelings of others, as well as hyper-aware of how their thoughts and feelings were being perceived by peers […]

September 26, 2018

How To Ace A Phone Interview


Ah, the dreaded phone interview. It seems like these days, most jobs are requiring at least a preliminary phone screening. Even some retail jobs are adding it to their qualification process. It makes sense- an employer wants to get a better sense of your general background and emotional IQ before expending resources on an in-person […]

September 8, 2018

What Being A Woman In Today’s Workforce Means To Me

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Sunday was National Women’s Equality Day, and it really got me thinking about how the nebulous landscape of the working world has shifted in recent years to accommodate-and in certain cases hinder- the efforts of women to be heard and to stand in their own power as the professional, whip-smart badasses we know we are. […]

August 29, 2018

14 Workwear Essentials Every Woman Should Own

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! So, as I near the end of my first full year working full-time in an office setting, I’m starting to realize that a lot of my staple pieces from my “business-casual” college wardrobe are getting a little threadbare- and in a lot of cases, don’t fit with the image of the young […]

August 22, 2018

Adulting 101: Making Friends at Work

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Hey, everyone! Today, I wanted to talk about something that has been kind of an Achilles heel for me, and, I suspect, many of you as well- the wild wild west that is adult socialization. When you’re in college, you tend to get lumped in with a “squad” based on a strange mixture of convenience […]

August 18, 2018

Adulting 101: Making Money Moves

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Hey everybody, so sorry for the extended absence- I’ve recently switched clients at work and between that and looking for an apartment in Syracuse, I have had a ton on my plate. Man, being an adult is much less fun than it looked when we were kids, right? Which brings me to the point of […]

August 3, 2018

5 Tips For New Jobseekers


You did it! Walked across the stage, accepted flowers and congrats from friends and families, took an untold number of selfies in the old cap and gown…so now what? For many recent graduates, getting a solid foothold in their chosen field can be a source of anxiety and uncertainty. We’ve certainly all heard the horror […]

June 6, 2018