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    Top 5 CNY Hiking Spots

    I used to really resent being uprooted from Boston and getting unceremoniously plunked in the middle of Central New York. Like, ok cool there are a ton of cows, guys in head to toe camo riding around in lifted trucks with Confederate flag decals (P.S.A, New York fought for the UnionĀ in the Civil War), and so much corn it boggled the mind. At least, that was my prejudgement of this region. Sure some of those things are true to a certain degree, but what I’ve also learned after a good ten years living in the area is that the quality and cost of life out here is amazing, and every…

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    15 Travel Sized Beauty Products You Need In Your Life

    If you’re a gal on the go like me, then you probably don’t have the time or the patience to be lugging around a ton of palettes, brushes, and compact cases. Doubly so if you happen to be extremely (lazy) low maintenance- also guilty. I recently moved pretty close to the mall, and eyeing the daily deals at Sephora and Ulta got me inspired to write a list of my top faves. Whether you’re packing for a trip and need to conserve space, touching up your look at work, or just want to save money on mini and trial sized makeup- I got you! Image credit via HaySparkle 1. A…

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    Minimalist Packing Tips

    If it seems like it’s been awhile since you read a new post on CoM, that’s because it has- but this time I have a really good excuse! Mike and I officially moved into our new place in Syracuse, and while I’m excited to share my new adventures with you all as they happen, it did get me thinking about packing. Boy, was I thinking about packing this past weekend. Post-traumatic moving stress aside, being able to pack efficiently is a valuable life skill. A buzzword I’ve been seeing a lot lately, though, surrounding packing is the term “minimalist”. To me, minimalism has two meanings: one being anti-materialistic, and the…

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    5 Cheap Things To Do In Boston

    I always thought it was kind of gross that people call Boston “Beantown”, since I happen to think beans are the worst, but hey- you can’t pick where you were born, can you? That sounded random, but it actually stems from a conversation I had with my closest girlfriend this past weekend when I went to go visit her in the place where I was born and where I lived for many years (we were talking about how picky of an eater I am, but I know I’ll get to unpack that in a later post, so I’m moving on). I was so happy to visit my good friends, and…

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    48 Hours in Ogunquit, Maine

    Hey, everyone! I haven’t written in about a week since I’ve been on vacation with Mike for our anniversary- 3 years, can you believe it? I’m not going to lie to you, I am writing this the night before it’s scheduled since I’ve been super lazy, just being really slow to get back into the swing of things (the sweet taste of freedom will do that to ya). That said, I want to share my adventure, since I was so excited to be able to pick my dream vacation out of that east coast vacation list I shared a little while ago. And I’m even more excited to tell you…

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    10 Affordable East Coast Vacations

    So, my 3-year anniversary is coming up, and this year Mike and I want to do something special! We always go to dinner, but I think it’s time we get out of the state (not that there isn’t plenty to do in New York- but I’m sure you guys will be able to read all about that on the blog later)! Having spent my childhood in New England, I have a particular fondness for the coastal towns of Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, but I also know that the “East Coast” covers a much larger swath of states than that. I thought it could be fun (and great for my…