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    Mental Health

    Fitting Self Care Into A Full-Time Schedule

    Listen- “full-time job” is a term I kind of hate, because it implies that your time is full of work, when in fact your life has so many other facets and dimensions to it. You know what is a full-time job? Taking care of yourself. Most of us are kind of underemployed in that department, but it’s true. Practicing self care is a form of wellness that, while it shouldn’t take up every waking moment, should be something we practice in a measured fashion every day, no matter how hectic our 9-5. Regardless of your working schedule, you can try some of the tips below to make self care work…

  • Faneuil hall, 5 cheap things to do in boston

    5 Cheap Things To Do In Boston

    I always thought it was kind of gross that people call Boston “Beantown”, since I happen to think beans are the worst, but hey- you can’t pick where you were born, can you? That sounded random, but it actually stems from a conversation I had with my closest girlfriend this past weekend when I went to go visit her in the place where I was born and where I lived for many years (we were talking about how picky of an eater I am, but I know I’ll get to unpack that in a later post, so I’m moving on). I was so happy to visit my good friends, and…

  • sneakers standing around a smiley face on the ground in chalk, the messy truth of mental health care
    Mental Health

    The Messy Truth Of Mental Health Care

    Hi, Everyone! Today’s post is a really important one- excited to have my friend Dakota Divinity, talented writer and devoted mental health advocate, contributing a guest post on the truth behind mental health care. This is a topic I care a lot about, one that affects an unreal of number of people from all walks of life!  According to Mental Health America, nearly one in five U.S. adults lives with a mental illness. Regarding treatment, 56% of American adults with a mental illness do not receive it. Even in Maine, the state with the best access, 41.4% of adults with a mental illness still do not receive treatment, due to…

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    My Summer 2018 Reading List

    Hey, everyone! Happy 4th!! Currently writing this from within a pool of my own sweat, as we try to keep our heads down during a pretty brutal heat wave. (How we find room to complain about heat when where I live suffers some of the worst winters in the state is astonishing, but that’s human nature for ya). Since summer has officially firmly slapped us across the face to remind us of its immediate presence, it got me thinking about putting together some seasonally themed posts for you all. Even though we have the beach, bikinis, and barbecues (yes, come through, alliteration) on the brain, it’s also a time to crack…

  • how to make meal prep easier

    5 Tips to Make Meal Prep Easier

    Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s certainly felt like the longest (and hottest) week ever, so I’m so excited to be driving down to my grandma’s house in Rochester later today to spend a fun, family-filled weekend 🙂 Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately as I run from here to there like a crazy person is how incredible it is that, for the most part, I have been eating pretty clean for the last 130 days. I’ve never been one who could commit to anything exercise or fitness wise, so I know I’ve made some pretty significant lifestyle changes. I have a great post on the blog now about starting…

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    My Budget Beauty Date Night Look

    Happy Wednesday, everyone! Working through a week full of end-of-the-month deadlines has been pretty tough, but I sat down the other day to make my editorial calendar for the rest of the summer and I’m really excited at some of the topics coming down the list! Today, I wanted to share a post that combines two of my loves: makeup and budgeting! When Mike and I went on vacation in Ogunquit for our anniversary, I knew I wanted to create a special glam look for our anniversary dinner on Friday. Thank god I took photos before dinner otherwise this post might never have seen the light of day (those of…

  • girl with iced coffee holding smartphone negative effects of social media
    Mental Health

    The Negative Effects of Social Media

    Hey everybody! I once again am dragging my feet and writing this post the day before, but I hope to be back into my usual rhythm soon. I’ve mapped out all my posts for July, and I’m really excited at the content coming up 🙂 That said, today’s post is going to be a serious one (I know, womp womp). But, as I’ve started utilizing social media more in order to promote my blog, I’ve come face to face with a lot of the cold truths about the way social media affects our perception of other people and the world around us- and how it has the unfortunate potential to…

  • Travel

    48 Hours in Ogunquit, Maine

    Hey, everyone! I haven’t written in about a week since I’ve been on vacation with Mike for our anniversary- 3 years, can you believe it? I’m not going to lie to you, I am writing this the night before it’s scheduled since I’ve been super lazy, just being really slow to get back into the swing of things (the sweet taste of freedom will do that to ya). That said, I want to share my adventure, since I was so excited to be able to pick my dream vacation out of that east coast vacation list I shared a little while ago. And I’m even more excited to tell you…

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    HIIT vs LISS: What’s the Difference?

    *Important Disclaimer: I am NOT a licensed personal trainer, I am a fitness hobbyist, so please don’t take my advice as gospel! You should always consult a doctor before starting any kind of physical activity routine. Hey, all! Again, feels like another long week! I’m making my groceries stretch so I can use up what I’ve got in the fridge before I go on vacation this week (yay) and am being kept really busy lining things up at work so I don’t have to play catchup- so it’s no wonder the days are dragging by! I’ve made pretty good use of that bodyweight circuit I wrote about a little over…

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    4 Summer Skin Hacks You Need To Try

    Even though the first official day of summer isn’t until the 21st, my upcoming East Coast beach vacation has me feeling summertime fine, honey (and yes, I promise you’ll all get to find out where I’m headed soon- though you’ll probably find out sooner if you check out my Instagram or Facebook page) 🙂 My skin, however, hasn’t been feeling very sunny lately. Those of you who read one of my first posts on hyaluronic acid know I suffer from extremely dry skin, which is exacerbated by the winter, as most skin types are. But because my skin is parched year round, and is extremely susceptible to sunburn (hello, Irish…