• I Broke My Streak On MyFitnessPal
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    I Broke My Streak On MyFitnessPal

    This post isn’t actually on my editorial calendar for the month (don’t hold me to it, but this may be a 3 post week)!¬† I’m writing because a few days ago, I accidentally broke my 290-day streak of logging meals on MyFitnessPal. Initially, I was disappointed to come so close to the year mark- I even had a post in mind for when I crossed the 360 day threshold. In the time that’s transpired since, I’ve wrestled with whether or not I was going to address it, if it was even that big of a deal, and almost without meaning to, here I am.¬† I want to write this post…

  • Celebrating World Mental Health Day!
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    Celebrating World Mental Health Day!

    Hey, everyone. It feels really good to be back on a regular posting schedule again. Do you know what else feels good? Living in a society where open discourse on mental health is emerging as a widely accepted- and encouraged- way of life. Seriously. It feels unbelievably good to open up my laptop, log on to the internet (which is a place historically fraught with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows) and find a growing community of boss babes and men in touch with their freaking feelings,¬†talking openly and honestly about their struggles and their journey, and supporting one another. I’ve said in the past that I…

  • 5 Fun Couples Costume Ideas

    5 Fun Couples Costume Ideas

    Guess who’s back, back again?! With spooky szn officially under way, I wanted to make my triumphant return to my regular blogging schedule with a fun, light read on some potential couples costumes for Halloween. Last year, Mike and I went as Westley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride, which is far and away my favorite movie of all time. It was fun, but I’m looking to switch it up this year with a funny, matchy-matchy costume. Being one half of a relationship, it can sometimes be tough to agree on a matching theme- but I always say it’s better to go cute and quirky than weirdly suggestive. (there are…

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    10 Things Marketing Teaches You About Life

    I kind of fell into marketing by accident. As a kid, I was always fascinated with art in general: music, poetry, dance, theatre, sculpture, all of it spoke strongly to a kid that was hyper-sensitive to the feelings of others, as well as hyper-aware of how their thoughts and feelings were being perceived by peers in the real world. But the joke of it was- I had (and have) very little in the way of artistic talent. I can’t carry a tune, definitely don’t have any rhythm, and have had only a modicum of success writing fiction as a hobby (no manuscript ever completed, nothing has seen the light of…

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    Moving To Syracuse!

    So yesterday, I found out that someone stole my credit card information and used it to purchase fish food at a pet store in Detroit, Michigan. I was shopping at the mall and my card got declined at H&M, it was all very embarrassing. And frustrating, since this is the second time someone’s managed to siphon money from an account of mine. That being said, I wanted to take the time today to reflect more on the positives of the last two weeks, because Mike and I actually have achieved a milestone we’ve been talking about practically the entire time we’ve been dating: We moved to Syracuse! We’ve been living…

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    What I’ve Learned From A Year Of Full-Time Work

    Hey, everyone. This is gonna be a short one. I just wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on my one year work anniversary. This one is significant since it also marks the first full year of full-time work in my career field. I’ve mentioned before that since my junior year of college, I have always held some sort of job relating to public relations, communications or marketing. But it was a part-time gig I held working the music festival, and it didn’t approach full-time hours until a month or two prior to the festival. I used to feel insecure about the term “part-time” work, but I’m truly grateful for…