• How to stay sane during the holidays
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    How To Stay Sane During The Holidays

    Although the holiday season certainly is a joyous time of year, filled with friends and family, it’s also widely considered to be easily one of the most stressful periods.  Whether it’s financial woes, family drama, or workplace stress that has you down, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your mental health at the forefront this holiday season. That may look different person to person, but there are a few key things to keep in mind.  Gifts don’t matter if you aren’t present.  I love this one. Too often, we’re concerned with showing our affection in materialistic ways, afraid of upsetting someone in even the most obscure of degrees.  So,…

  • 10 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25
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    10 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

    *Note: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the companies linked to below, just a list of my personal top picks 🙂 Hey! Long time no see- I wish I could say that I’ve been sick, or especially busy (although the holiday season is always hectic, both in terms of my work life and personal life). After a weekend spent NOT writing or scheduling posts, and instead watching every BBC Jane Austen adaptation, it’s time to get back on track.  Some work friends and I have been organizing a company-wide Secret Santa, and the names of everyone participating are going to be locked in as of…

  • What I'm Thankful For, thanksgiving, give thanks

    What I’m Thankful For

    Happy almost turkey day, everyone!  I follow this mindfulness guru named Jack Kornfield, and subscribe to his semi-regular newsletter. I have to confess that I don’t always read them, but being that it’s a holiday week, the title caught my eye: Gratitude and Abundance.  Now, it’s strange, but my mind instantly envisioned a cornucopia, or “horn of plenty”. For those of you who may not know, a cornucopia is an object shaped like a goat’s horn, usually overflowing with the bounty of a harvest: fruits, nuts, etc. It’s a symbol of abundance and good fortune, and is commonly seen today as that weird-looking wicker centerpiece at many Thanksgivings, like the one…

  • 5 Reasons To Work Out With A Significant Other

    5 Reasons To Work Out With A Significant Other

    Hi, everyone. It’s been a really extended absence (even though my previous post was supposed to be my triumphant return to blogging) but in my defense, I have had essentially the plague for the last week, so not a lot of things got checked off the to-do list. Mike and I are starting a new training program Monday to get us both back into the gym before the New Year hits. We’ve been slacking a lot lately, but have settled on a possible solution: we’ll keep tabs on how often we hit the gym, together or separately, and put two dollars into a discretionary pool for each time. At the end…

  • garlic chicken ginger ramen, 8 cozy recipes for fall

    8 Cozy Recipes For Fall

    Today is the official first day of fall, and actually the back half of this week marks the first time all month it’s been cold enough to need a sweater or light jacket out to the car in the mornings. No matter how much I whine about snow, I love this time of year best- the cool weather, the changing leaves, apples and pumpkin being in full season- something about the whole vibe just makes you want to curl up in a cozy sweater and watch the epic fall streaming lineup with a warm meal and the ones you love. I’m a pretty picky eater, but the one thing I’ve…

  • little mac nude teddy, 15 Travel Sized Beauty Products You Need In Your Life
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    15 Travel Sized Beauty Products You Need In Your Life

    If you’re a gal on the go like me, then you probably don’t have the time or the patience to be lugging around a ton of palettes, brushes, and compact cases. Doubly so if you happen to be extremely (lazy) low maintenance- also guilty. I recently moved pretty close to the mall, and eyeing the daily deals at Sephora and Ulta got me inspired to write a list of my top faves. Whether you’re packing for a trip and need to conserve space, touching up your look at work, or just want to save money on mini and trial sized makeup- I got you! Image credit via HaySparkle 1. A…

  • stacked suitcases, minimalist packing tips

    Minimalist Packing Tips

    If it seems like it’s been awhile since you read a new post on CoM, that’s because it has- but this time I have a really good excuse! Mike and I officially moved into our new place in Syracuse, and while I’m excited to share my new adventures with you all as they happen, it did get me thinking about packing. Boy, was I thinking about packing this past weekend. Post-traumatic moving stress aside, being able to pack efficiently is a valuable life skill. A buzzword I’ve been seeing a lot lately, though, surrounding packing is the term “minimalist”. To me, minimalism has two meanings: one being anti-materialistic, and the…

  • watermelon, lemon, cantaloupe, avocado, how to stay healthy as a picky eater

    How To Stay Healthy As A Picky Eater

    No one likes being a picky eater. Either by nature or due to a bad experience with different flavors or textures, sometimes we just don’t like certain foods, and it is what it is. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating for those of us that are more particular than others. Heck, I’d love to be able to eat certain foods- avocado and Greek yogurt, in particular, kill me since they’re each so good for you, yet I still cannot bring myself to eat them. Which brings me to my point- how can you make sure you’re staying healthy, even as someone who is a bit picker? Understand Portion Control. If…

  • woman with like a boss mug, 14 workwear essentials every woman should own
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    14 Workwear Essentials Every Woman Should Own

    Happy Wednesday, everyone! So, as I near the end of my first full year working full-time in an office setting, I’m starting to realize that a lot of my staple pieces from my “business-casual” college wardrobe are getting a little threadbare- and in a lot of cases, don’t fit with the image of the young working professional woman I am trying to become. I thought it could be a fun exercise for me to take a closer look at some of the professional workwear essentials for women like me, in the early stages of their career. You know I’m all about affordable everything, and want to put together a list…

  • brown longhaired maine coon cat laying next to grey and white tabby, happy international cat day

    Happy International Cat Day!

    Apparently, it’s International Cat Day, which I hope excuses my irregular posting as of late. I have no idea what’s been going on besides me just being stressed, but I full on skipped a post last week. Here’s to hoping I can get back on track! That said, I kind of struggled with how I should structure my post today- I have been feeling a ton of pressure to write clickable “listicle” type posts lately, and I dunno, I just don’t really feel like doing that with this one. I figured instead, I would tell you all how I came to be a proud (crazy) cat mom (cat lady), so…